Coconut & Lemon Himalayan Salt Scrub 300g
23.60 €
18.90 € (1 kg = 63.00 €)
Vanilla & Orange Himalayan Salt Scrub 300g
23.60 €
18.90 € (1 kg = 63.00 €)
Peppermint Himalayan Salt Scrub 300g
23.60 €
18.90 € (1 kg = 63.00 €)
Lime&Strawberry Himalayan Salt Scrub 300g
23.60 € (1 kg = 78.67 €)



Superfood to the skin

We know what organic means and how great impact it has both to human and natures well-being. Toxic pesticides are used in non organic farming, and daily cosmetics contain many questionable raw materials. Therefore, what you put on your skin is important to us. Pure, nutritious and authentic raw materials ensure the beauty and softness of your skin, that is the philosophy for the manufacturing of our artisan cosmetics. We do not add any unnecessary synthetic ingredients to our products, we keep it simple and  natural.
Our products are formulated in a concentrate form. Most of our creams have no water, so they are really geffective and ful of active substances. Really small amount is enough to treat and moisturize. To your  skin ends up having pure natural super food, and as result your skin feels soft, smooth and healthy.
We produce all the products in our own facility in Hyvinkää, according with the natural cosmetics quality standards and with respect for the craft tradition. Thus, each of our products are made individually from person to person - from us to you. You do not need to worry about where the raw materials come from, if the product has all the nutrients needed for your skin, and how it is produced. We will take care of this for you.





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Finnish Natural Cosmetics Associaton