Kokos & Citron Himalayasaltsskrubb 300g
23,60 €
18,90 € (1 kg = 63,00 €)
Vanilja & Apelsin Himalayasalt Skrubb 300g
23,60 €
18,90 € (1 kg = 63,00 €)
Pepparmynta Himalayasalt Skrubb 300g
23,60 €
18,90 € (1 kg = 63,00 €)
Himalayasalt Kroppsskrubb Lime&Jordgubb 300g
23,60 € (1 kg = 78,67 €)



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At Flow we believe we have a responsibility.

Not in a grandiose, “holier-than-thou” kind of way. We mean a genuine, personal responsibility.

Why? Because we’ve seen up close just how unsavoury the beauty and cosmetics industry can be. How it’s become “okay” to stuff makeup, shampoos and hand creams full of needless parabens and nasty chemical fragrances. All for a few dollars more.

But as you know, here in Finland, we like to do things a little differently.


Born in 2004 ​out of a desire to create beauty products that harness the healing benefits of our plentiful local, indigenous ingredients. Flow is the family-led innovation of mother, aromatherapist, innovator and all round superstar creator Riitta Jänkälä.


Riitta grew up in southern Lapland surrounded by incredible raw materials like Fresh Lingonberries, Arctic Raspberries and Wild Heather. All jam-packed with bumperantioxidants. Elements you’ll find reflected across our great range of products. To those we’ve added ingredients like nutrient-rich blueberries grown in the northern Finnish midnight sun, finest African shea butter and bundles upon bundles of organic nettles.


All our products at Flow are 100% natural & chemical free. Organic? We’re all about it. But perhaps most importantly, all our unrefined goodies are specially developed to harmonise nature’s most active remedies with your body’s unique needs.


We just hope you enjoy using them as much as we loved making them.





Flow on is a member of Finnish Natural Cosmetics association.